Engage your audience

Public Relations - Connect with Your Community

We believe that communications should go beyond just telling a story; your communications must make things happen. Having an ongoing public relations campaign gets you in front of your customers through their daily newspapers, radio and news broadcasts.

Public relations works in synergy with advertising, direct mail and other marketing tools and enhances advertising with the ability to:

  • Position you as a leader of your industry
  • Strengthen your brand and brand promise to key audiences
  • Provide third-party credibility not gained through advertising.

We will help you develop a media outreach program of sharing timely and newsworthy information to key local, national and trade media. Regular, consistent communications with editors and producers gives your organization top-of-mind awareness and improves the chances of the media coming to you for input on related articles.

Through public relations we will create opportunities for you to engage with your customers and share your important news whether its a grand opening, new product launch or expanding your business with new employees. We will seek out and develop innovative ideas to either capture media attention or magnify coverage of other elements of the your marketing communications program.